MYMobile Protection

MYMobile Protection S60 (3rd Edition) 3.02

Protect your phone from viruses and other threats

MYMobile Protection is a free virus scanner and security toolkit for your mobile phone. View full description


  • Really easy to install and use
  • Firewall
  • Process and app manager
  • Boot acceleration tool


  • Irritating pop-ups
  • Can't scan specified folders

Very good

MYMobile Protection is a free virus scanner and security toolkit for your mobile phone.

Mobile phone viruses may not be as common as their big PC-infecting brothers and sisters, but they do exist. The more time we spend online via our handsets, the more viruses will appear. MYMobile Protection is designed to combat these threats, warning you of anything malicious that's lurking on your phone.

MYMobile Protection includes a utility that works like a traditional PC antivirus, scanning your phone's directories for malicious files or programs. You can stop or pause scans at any time. It's possible to choose which drives you want MYMobile Protection to scan, although we couldn't find an option for scanning a certain folder.

MYMobile Protection is much more than just an antivirus program. You can also use it as a firewall, to grant or deny internet access to certain applications. The software comes with a great System Manager section, which lets you view all processes that are running on your phone, as well as managing installed applications and auto-start programs.

Using MyMobile Protection is fairly painless, aside from the fact that the virus database constantly needs updating. The tabbed user interface is easy to navigate and menu options are clear.

One of the drawbacks of MYMobile Protection, as with most security suites, is that it displays pop-up alerts on your phone when you do something that involves connecting to the internet. Sure, this is kind of the point of MYMobile Protection's firewall, but it does get irritating after a while.

However, if you're concerned about security on your phone, MYMobile Protection makes for an effective and far-ranging guard against threats.

MYMobile Protection


MYMobile Protection S60 (3rd Edition) 3.02